Are You Giving Your Smile the Care and Attention It Deserves?

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At Pelandale Dental Care in Modesto, California, our dentists, Drs. Param Gill and Lavanya Gill are happy to support the efforts of our patients seeking the healthy smiles they deserve.Today’s we would like to take a closer look at some things you might not know and which can harm your oral health.

Dental Anxiety: Patients often shy away from seeing their dentist because of dental anxiety, and worrying that your visit will be painful. But that’s not true! Thanks to modern advances in sedation, you can receive the care you need in the most comfortable way possible. Today’s sedation methods can be oral (taking a pill), breathing in nitrous oxide, or inhaling anesthesia to provide comfortable treatment.

Dental Flossing: Can you skip your flossing routine? Well, that depends on how many of your teeth you would like to keep. The worst bacteria in the mouth collects between your teeth in those places where tooth surfaces meet. Because brushing only reaches about 50% of the bacteria on your pearly whites, flossing can reach the other 50%.

Dental visits: Seeing your dentist regularly helps to detect problems early and when they are most easily treated. Dental exams spot things that you may not even know are happening since cavities and gum disease are often painless until they advance in severity. Did you know that the bacteria your dentist removes recolonizes after 90 days? Ideally, seeing your dentist would be as regular as having a haircut, to create the optimal conditions in your smile.

Habits: Do you drink lots of soda or coffee? Are you under stress, and dealing with it by grinding your teeth? Do you eat healthily? Do you have an eating disorder? Do you smoke? Do you have diabetes? Are you pregnant? Enamel erosion, bruxism, tooth discoloration, halitosis, are just a few of the indicators of what is happening in your life.

Giving your smile the care and attention it deserves will result in better oral health and confidence. When you take the time to clean your teeth daily, eat healthily and maintain regular dental cleanings and exams, your smile will reap the rewards! Please call 209-545-9489 if you have any questions or would like to schedule your next cleaning!