Drs. Parampal and Lavanya Gill can perform root canal treatments with improved precision when we use an endo microscope. This advanced tool allows our dentists to see more as we perform complex root canal procedures, increasing our chances for a successful treatment. Please call Pelandale Dental Care today if you want to learn more about our endo microscope in Modesto, California.

Many dentists have to rely on dental X-rays and their eyesight alone to perform a root canal procedure. This can prove difficult because the canals of a tooth are very small and hard to clean, especially the molar teeth which have four, and sometimes five, canals. Though every dentist will take the time and put forth their best effort to remove all of the infected tissues, some of these tissues may still remain and cause harm to your oral health.

However, we use an endo microscope at our dental office to increase the long-term success of our root canal treatments. We can take fewer dental X-rays because this tool allows us to both evaluate and perform endodontic procedures. The microscope has an ultrasonic unit and tip which magnifies and illuminates the area, helping us perform root canal treatments with greater accuracy. Call our office today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of our endo microscope.