If you want to stabilize loose teeth and prevent them from falling out of your mouth, then call Drs. Parampal and Lavanya Gill for periodontal splinting. Our dentists will bind your loose teeth together, stabilizing them and evenly distributing biting forces. Please call our team at Pelandale Dental Care if you need to receive periodontal splinting in Modesto, California.

One of the many problems periodontal disease causes is loss of gum tissue and jaw bone. These two tissues surround and support teeth, so when they deteriorate due to periodontal infection, then your teeth become loose and may fall out. Losing teeth results in more jaw bone loss, not to mention that they alter your appearance and the function of your bite. It is almost always healthier for you to keep your natural teeth.

To prevent tooth loss, we offer periodontal splinting at our practice. Through this procedure, we attach loose, weak teeth together so they can become a single, more stable unit. We will bond either a stabilizing wire or fiber-reinforced ribbon to your teeth to act like a retainer and keep them in place. Periodontal splinting also helps to distribute the biting forces, so one loose tooth doesn’t struggle under pressure. Please contact our team if you think that you can benefit from periodontal splinting.