Dental Veneers Can Correct the Flaws in Your Teeth

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Many people have flaws in their teeth causing embarrassment. The good news is these flaws can be corrected and fixed thanks to dental veneers. Dental veneers work by covering the outside of your teeth making your teeth appear natural and flawless.

If you are thinking about dental veneers, our dentist, Dr. Parampal with Pelandale Dental Care in Modesto, California, is happy to give you an evaluation to see if dental veneers are right for you.

To help you understand more about what dental veneers can do, here is a list to help you:

-Dental veneers are often crafted from reliable materials, such as porcelain and resin.

-Dental veneers are thin but durable. A single dental veneer can be placed atop a tooth for ten years of support.

-Like dental crowns, dental veneers do require a small amount of tooth enamel removal. However, it is much less than needs to be removed for a dental crown.

-Do you have stains or discolored teeth? Dental veneers can cover them up!

-How effective are dental veneers, you ask? They are stain resistant, so they will continue shining well after they’ve been put into place.

-Dental veneers are known as the restoration of the stars as they are famous for movie star-quality smiles.

As you can see, dental veneers offer many benefits to your smile. If you would like more information on dental veneers, or if you are in need of a dentist, please call us today at 209-545-9489 to make an appointment. Our dental team is delighted to take your call and help in any way we can.