Foods That Can Help Prevent and Remove Teeth Stains

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Do you want to find a way to give your teeth the proper white color? Whitening strips and toothpaste might come to mind first, but other options exist that can help. Certain foods can assist with both preventing teeth stains and removing them.

Sour apples, grapefruits, or any tart food can help by promoting the stuff that washes away other foods that might leave stains. The sharper taste causes you to pucker, and that causes your mouth to put out more saliva. One role of saliva is to remove food left over from meals, so increasing it can clear stuff out better.

Dairy products contain lactic acid, which can be very useful in preventing stains and yellowing that result from your teeth’s natural decay. Yogurt and cheeses are among your best sources for lactic acid. Hard cheeses can be especially serviceable.

Items like apples and celery have malic acid. Malic acid goes into creating saliva, so they can continue to increase that natural cleaning process. Also, apples and celery possess a mild abrasive texture, so they can rub off stains gently.

And finally, pineapples present a good tool. Bromelain, a major ingredient in whitening toothpaste that helps with removing plaque and stains, is found in pineapples.

We recommend you include these foods in your diet more frequently, although not to excess. You do not need to eat them every day. Just introducing them here and there can be beneficial.

If these methods do not work for you, or you would like professional whitening treatment, come see our dentists, Drs. Gill and Gill. You can locate them at Pelandale Dental Care in Modesto, California. Call ahead at 209-545-9489 to let us know.