How Dry Mouth is Caused

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Have you heard that approximately 20% of the population deals with xerostomia, a condition commonly known as “dry mouth?” If you struggle with dry mouth, we can help you. Learn a tiny bit more about dry mouth by reading this post.

There are some potential sources of dry mouth. One cause is as a side effect of other medical conditions, like Sjogren’s Syndrome and other ailments that impact the production of saliva and mucus. Radiation therapies such as chemotherapy can also impact the production of the salivary glands, developing dry mouth. Finally, lots of meds also carry the effect of decreasing saliva formation. Dry mouth can be a tricky condition to cure because it is often a side effect of other conditions; Dr. Parampal might need to work with your other doctors to battle its effects. Autoimmune disorders and diabetes can also cause dry mouth.

In addition to using a saliva stimulant or substitute, there are many things you can do to fight the effects of xerostomia. Brushing your teeth two times per day and flossing once per day should be at the top of your list, and you should also visit our office at least once every six months. Drink lots of water, use chapstick every few hours, avoid sticky foods and deliberate on using a humidifier in your home. If you ever need any aid or guidance, you can contact our office at 209-545-9489.

Are you ready to stop suffering from dry oral cavity? If so, please set up your next appointment with Dr. Parampal and the Pelandale Dental Care team of Modesto, California. They’ll get you back on the right path. Call them now at 209-545-9489 and set up your next checkup.