Replace an Unsightly Cavity With a Composite Dental Filling

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When it comes to oral health problems, the most common condition is tooth decay resulting from insufficient oral hygiene habits. When a dental cavity forms on a prominent tooth, it can affect how you feel about your smile and make you self-conscious when you speak. Our dentist can treat a prominent tooth in your smile with a composite dental filling to enhance your dental appearance.

There is no need for a dental filling to become an obvious presence in your smile that reduces its appearance. Pelandale Dental Care can provide tooth-colored dental fillings that our dental team color matches to the surrounding tooth enamel and blends seamlessly with your smile. Our dentist will first need to remove the tooth decay so that the remaining tooth enamel is healthy and clean enough for the dental filling. Once hardened, your dental filling can last several years and keep your tooth strong and beautiful all during this time.

We encourage you to practice healthy oral hygiene habits to keep your dental filling in good shape. This should include brushing twice each day and maintaining your daily flossing–both of which remove bacteria from your smile and prevents tooth decay from weakening the dental filling.

If you would like to meet with our dentist to discuss the benefits of dental fillings in Modesto, California, and whether this treatment is right for your cavity, contact Pelandale Dental Care at 209-545-9489 today. Dr. Parampal and our team are eager to help you protect your smile now and over the course of your life.