Treat Yourself to a Teeth Whitening

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Did you know that the color of your teeth, much like your skin, is determined by deeper interior layers and not the surface? Tooth enamel is actually translucent. It is the dentin beneath that gives your teeth their unique color. But as dentin ages, it yellows, leaving you with a less appealing smile. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening techniques can make your teeth bright and vibrant again.

There are all kinds of teeth whitening products available to consumers. While some are good, many do not provide the results they purport because of weak or ineffective whitening agents. Others can actually harm your teeth and gums. The most reliable (and safe) way to get substantially whiter teeth is to leave it to dental professionals.

At Pelandale Dental Care, we use the ZOOM! whitening method. This is one of the most advanced whitening methods around, and provides striking results in an hour or less. You can come in for a single comfortable visit to our office and leave with visibly whiter teeth in no time at all.

You wouldn’t take other cosmetic dental procedures into your own hands, and the same should go for teeth whitening. For the most successful, safest results, you need the experience and knowledge of our Pelandale Dental Care team on your side. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about ZOOM! teeth whitening, please call our office in Modesto, CA, today.