Whiten Your Teeth Today With Zoom! Whitening

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Nowadays, you can find more and more lasers in dental offices. Dental lasers are new-and-improved technology that can help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair and can help your dentist perform a smooth and accurate treatment.

There are many treatments that lasers can be used for, and some of those treatments are:

-Tooth decay removal: Lasers are used to eliminate tooth decay from the tooth without removing a large amount of healthy enamel. The tool also helps prepare the tooth for the filling.

-Gum treatments: Lasers can reshape the gums if they’re infected with gum disease and can improve the health and appearance of the smile.

-Root canal therapy: During root canal therapy, lasers can remove the bacteria and make the surgical area clean and safe.

-Biopsy: Lasers can be used to remove a small amount of tissue from the oral cavity so the dentist can examine it for oral cancer.

-Lesion removal: Lesions and canker sores can be very painful and inconvenient, but with the help of a laser, they can be removed and relieved in no time.

-Teeth whitening: Lasers are helpful in speeding up the teeth-whitening process in the office. During the treatment, the dentist will apply a whitening solution to the teeth. Then, he will activate the solution with a laser.

When a laser is used for a surgical treatment, it acts as a cutting instrument or a tissue vaporizer. When it is used to cure a filling, it strengthens the bond between the filling and the tooth. When it is used for teeth whitening, it is a heat source that enhances the effects of the whitening solution.

There are many benefits to using lasers in dentistry. Many approve of them because they reduce the pain in treatment, which means the need for anesthesia is also reduced. Lasers can also minimize the anxiety patients feel when they visit the dentist and they can reduce the swelling and bleeding during soft tissue treatments. In addition, lasers can preserve more of a healthy tooth during cavity removal.

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