Wisdom Teeth: After the Appointment

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After you’ve had a wisdom tooth removal treatment, you need to be watchful so that your tooth and gums can suitably get better. If you’re not careful, you could reopen the wound or do something that would lead to inflammation, and you’ll need to visit with the doctor again for further services. Here are some instructions and tips you can follow to make your recovery that much faster:

Plan to rest right away following your operation. Forego all strenuous forms of activities, and don’t do anything that could reopen the spot where the wisdom tooth was.

Don’t drink any beverages other than water for at least one day, and don’t drink from a straw for a week. (Sucking can draw out blood from the wound.)

This may be the only time we say this, but don’t brush your pearly whites or floss for at least one day after your procedure. Avoid anything that might re-open the sutures.

Use an ice pack and over-the-counter medicines to relieve uneasiness as you were instructed by our office during your visit.

Those living in the area of Modesto, California, can plan an appointment with Pelandale Dental Care and Drs. Param Gill and Lavanya Gill by dialing 209-545-9489. We’re looking forward to catching up with you and your family.