Your Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal

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When it’s time to get wisdom teeth removed, you’re likely filled with a sense of dread. Getting teeth pulled normally hurts; now you have to be put to sleep while the wisdom teeth are cut from your gums?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound pleasant. But guess what? It’s not nearly as bad as you’re expecting. The more you know about the process before you undergo it, the better off you’ll be, too. You’ll know how to clean your mouth after the procedure, and you’ll be ready to take it easy for a week.

Not everyone needs it
The first thing to know is that not everyone will need to visit Pelandale Dental Care for this type of oral surgery. Some people get lucky, their wisdom teeth coming in without becoming impacted or causing the other teeth to become crowded. You can know whether you need your wisdom teeth removed by regularly visiting with your dentist or orthodontist.

It’s not as painful as it’s made out to be
A good thing about wisdom teeth removal is that it’s far from the painful experience it’s made out to be on social media. While there is some discomfort after the surgery, Dr. Parampal can prescribe pain meds to help handle that. As long as you take the medications and follow our dentist’s directions for post-op care, you can have a positive experience.

You need to clean post-op
After your wisdom teeth are removed, you need to make sure that you are vigilant about cleaning your teeth and mouth. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing dry socket: a nasty infection that is painful.

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