I like the Doctors and There team of peeps they have working with them they all are friendly and know what they are doing and they do it well and The new office is very nice and calming as you can watch the birds in the trees and Hear the sound of the water fall in the back ground

Laura Rene Naumann

Had an absolutely great experience here. The atmosphere was incredibly charming and lovely! The staff were warm and friendly as they set me up for my appointment. For the procedure itself, let’s just say that Dr. Gill was a blessing to have! Very knowledgeable, kindhearted and overall just a friendly person. I was glad to have him as my dentist and I highly recommend that you book an appointment with him!

Second time going to this office today. Both visits deserve 5 stars. This place is very welcoming. They have been on time for both of my appointments which is a huge plus for me and quick with their appointments (don’t leave me waiting in the dental chair for long before beginning actual appointment). First time I was embarrassed of how my teeth were since I hadn’t been to the dentist in over two years and had some issues that needed desperate help but the hygienist who helped me that day made me feel completely comfortable. Same with the dental assistant today, made me feel comfortable in the chair. Dr. Gill is great with patients. I don’t usually do reviews unless places really stand out and this place really stood out to me. I will definitely be a long term patient at this office!

Another huge plus… they have the best music playlist I’ve heard in any profesional office thus far.

Karlotta Ramar

Swift, gentle work from a cordial staff in a lovely event. I have never had a dentist work so hard to save my tooth and avoid a root canal! My fillings and wisdom tooth extract was done in record time. I really appreciated how the dentist discussed the plan of action with me and continually checked in with me and gave my mouth breaks in between procedures. Everyone is kind to patients and each other. We drive from many miles away for the level of service we receive at Pelandale Dental and it is certainly worth the trip.

Kafi Battersby Bella

This Dental office is one of a kind in my personal experience. I had a wisdom tooth that was causing extreme pain. I called all over and was not able to get a same day appointment. I called Pelandale Dental and the ladies were so caring and inviting. The office was very clean. I got really nervous before my procedure and my BP raised. The office manager and Dental assistant were so sweet to sit with me and help me calm down. The doctor was amazing at pulling my wisdom tooth within 5 mins. I am truly thankful for a wonderful experience going through this process. I recommend this office to everyone

Porscha Potts

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