VizLite™ Oral Cancer Screening

Research has shown that early oral cancer detection saves lives. In over 90% of cases, oral cancer can be cured if it is caught in its earliest stages. VizLite Plus is a unique type of light technology that helps dentists identify soft tissue abnormalities. The entire VizLite Plus examination takes only minutes and does not involve any discomfort or intrusion. The dentist or oral hygienist generally performs the VizLite procedure after the visual part of a routine dental checkup.

How can the VizLite Plus examination help me?

VizLite Plus utilizes a specialized type of chemiluminescent technology to detect any cell changes and abnormalities in the oral cavity. Often, these changes would be invisible to the naked eye. Dental abnormalities detected with this exam can have a wide variety of causes, with oral cancer being the most serious implication.

How is the VizLite Plus examination performed?

The VizLite Plus examination is quick and simple. This examination should be performed annually, unless patients are at an increased risk of developing oral cancer.  

Here is an overview of how the VizLite Plus examination performed:

  • The dentist will perform an extensive visual examination of the tongue, cheeks, teeth and surrounding areas.

  • Next, the VizLite Pre-Rinse solution is swished around the mouth for approximately one minute.

  • Finally, the VizLite light is positioned toward the mouth. Protective eyewear is provided to shield the retinas and the lights in the room are dimmed down to further benefit the illumination process.  The light exposes any lesions or areas of abnormal tissue that would be invisible to the naked eye. The healthy tissue of the mouth naturally absorbs VizLite, but any tissue discoloration is accentuated.

For patients who are at increased risk for oral cancer, VizLite also makes a special type of dye called TBlue. This dye is applied to the mouth to highlight any lesions or patches under normal light.

If any signs of abnormality are apparent, the dentist will make arrangements to conduct further tests to determine whether oral cancer is present.

This unique piece of dental equipment is a lifesaver, so it is important to schedule regular dental checkups. If you have questions or concerns about oral cancer or the VizLite Plus examination, please ask your dentist.


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